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Eye-Fi shoots photos straight to Evernote

A new partnership between the companies allows you to wirelessly transmit photos from your digital camera to Evernote's service.

It seems like a natural fit: Evernote, a Web service that turns random pictures of information into a searchable database and Eye-Fi, a company whose SD cards enable you to turn random information into pictures and upload them to the Web. In theory, it's a great idea. Evernote, which requires input ubiquity to be really useful, gains another data stream, and Eye-Fi gains a relatively compelling productivity application.

Eye-Fi Share

Having used both Evernote and an Eye-Fi card, however, I suspect a bit less than that rosy scenario. With Eye-Fi you predetermine the various places you want to send your photos--to your laptop, to a sharing site, and so on--via the Web site. Evernote will be added to this configuration process as a target for photos--all of your photos. There are no controls with the Eye- Fi card to send select photos to a particular location, just a global enabling and disabling of locations via the Web site. That's OK, sort of, when you're uploading to a photo-sharing service or sending them to your computer, but the stuff you'll want to send to Evernote is a more intermittent and selective stream. And you can already send to Evernote selectively from a variety of phones, though in many cases not as transparently. Still, there are some situations where I think the pair could greatly complement each other, such as for house or apartment hunting, documenting accidents, or assets for insurance purposes. What do you think?