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Exposure Pro 2.0 in public beta

Exposure Pro 2.0 in public beta


The beta 3 version of Beale Street Group's ExposurePro 2.0, the successor to my favorite screen capture utility, was released today, including bug fixes, cropping and other improvements. The next version will be a final candidate.

ScreenShot 2.5.3, a less powerful but still useful screen capture utility, also from Beale Street Group, is already available and is Mac OS 8 compatible.

Mac OS 8 compatible TechTool 1.1.5 coming this week;
TechTool Pro update to follow
Jeff Baudin of (Micromat) sent me the following note: "TechTool 1.1.5 should be ready this week. New features include: Compatibility with OS8. Compatibility with non-US OS 7.6.1 Added option to save file comments before clearing desktop. TechTool Pro should be out a week or two afterwards. It will have all the above features plus its tests will have full compatibility with some of the newer machines, including solving some glitches the earlier version had with the hard drives on the PowerBook 3400."

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