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Exposed: Crossbow, next-gen Windows Mobile OS

Exposed: Crossbow, next-gen Windows Mobile OS

Want a glimpse at what the next crop of Windows Mobile devices might look like (well, the operating system, anyway)? Then peep these leaked screenshots of the next-generation Windows Mobile OS (code-named Crossbow) from The images appear to be screen grabs of the Pocket PC Phone home screen (remember, Windows Mobile offers three variants of the OS--Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone, and Smartphone) and features a more polished look and hints of Windows Vista. It will also have "strong links with Office 2007 and Exchange 12" for push e-mail and instant-messaging capabilities. Crossbow is expected to be released to manufacturers in Q4 2006 and for mass consumption in the first half of 2007. However, even before Crossbow's release, Microsoft's already teasing us with its successor, Photon, which is due some time in Q1/Q2 2008.

Other sources: Engadget Mobile, Gizmodo