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Explore strange new pools in these Star Trek Trekini swimsuits

Turn your summer vacation into a thrilling space adventure when you dress yourself in "Next Generation" swimwear.

Here's how to dress for shore leave.


Some people would love an excuse to wear a Star Trek costume every day, but sometimes you just have to control your sci-fi fashion urges. That doesn't mean your fandom can't emerge at opportune moments, like when you're heading to the beach or kicking back at the pool. You just need an appropriate Star Trek swimsuit to make it so.

ThinkGeek's "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Trekini swimwear line literally has you covered for your next swimming journey, whether it's on the pleasure-planet Risa or in the hot tub in your backyard.

The polyester and spandex Trekini swimsuits are fairly modest. Despite the product name, there are no actual standalone bikinis in the lineup. The suits come in three colors for the various Starfleet branches, so you can choose between red, blue or gold. A Deanna Troi swim shirt lets you cover your torso while a cover-up romper with the Starfleet insignia on it will make you feel ready for a holosuite vacation.

Star Trek has been known to provide female cast members with skimpy outfits, a legacy that began early with Uhura's short skirt in the original series. Likely nobody would bat an eye if you strolled down the hallway on the Enterprise while wearing your command-red one-piece.

One interesting detail on all the swimsuits is the four pips, indicating the rank of captain. That will make you want to lounge at poolside and order a "Cocktail. Mai Tai. Cold."

The swimsuits sell for $59.99 (about £42, AU$83). If you take a close look at the swimsuit models, you might notice the suspect placement of the communicator badge. It all depends on how the suit fits your individual shape, but you probably won't want to tap in with a beam-me-up request while you're wearing it.