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Expletive Deleted

iTunes Plus song missing something.

After some discussion on last week's MacBreak Weekly, the Macalope decided to see if he had any new iTunes Plus tracks to download yesterday. Sure enough, there were three new songs, one of which was Dream Team by Spearhead.

Great! Click!

Now, this is probably just an isolated mistake, but listening to his legally acquired DRM-free black power music, the pointy one's furry jaw hit the floor. As, while both the previous version and the "upgraded" version were marked "Explicit", the latter was decidedly not.

Well after doin' that we be headin' for the ceremony
Hand on the heart is a bunch of baloney
The spirit of the '68 Olympics
Black power people, can I get a witness?
Fist in the air, this is proper manners
While Jimi Hendrix is f---in' up the Spangled Banner

What's that? "F---in'"? That's not the word the Macalope paid for. That's not even a word. It's got three dashes in it.

It might be called iTunes Plus but it sure sounds like iTunes Minus.