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Experiment 3: Break out of your box

In our third experimental exercise, we ask you to figure out what kind of routine you've fallen into, photographically speaking, and to try a change of pace.

Lori Grunin/CNET

Have you fallen into a photographic rut? Do you find yourself shooting the same subjects, places, or people over and over? Repeatedly using the same techniques, settings, or angles? It's time to shake things up a bit. Our challenge for you: figure out what well-trodden territory you're still pacing and cross over to the road less traveled. For example, if you always photograph sports, take some still lifes. Trade in people for inanimate objects or vice versa. Or if you only rely on shutter-priority mode, try aperture priority. Always look for the telemacro shot? Switch to wide angle. Then post a comment entry telling us what you decided your box was, the approach you took to think outside it, and provide links to two (please, no more than two) of your best out-of-your-safety-zone photos. We'll discuss the results in our show the week of October 29.

Learn, comment, enjoy.