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Expect the One M9 at HTC's March launch event

HTC's press conference at Mobile World Congress gets an official date and time. Get ready to welcome the One M8 successor, and maybe more.

Expect HTC's next flagship phone to launch in March. HTC

We figured that HTC would continue to use the massive Mobile World Congress show to launch the next flagship phone in its portfolio, the HTC One M9. On Friday, invitations made the press conference a reality.

Granted, it's tough to decode from the invitation exactly which product or announcement HTC will launch, so the One M9 I keep talking about is purely an educated guess and high probability.

However, HTC also used this month's CES show to discuss the company's strategy of moving from one that makes devices like the Re camera as well as products that focus on the connected home and fitness and health. We aren't sure what HTC has in mind for the former, but a smartwatch could make a lot of sense for the latter.

As always, CNET will be there to bring you all the news from the show.

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