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Expand your screen estate with 22-inch LCD, $209 shipped

The Hanns-G HG-216DPO features an HDMI port and built-in speakers, so it can double as an HDTV (when used with an HD source). has it for $209 shipped.


Still squinting into that old 17-inch LCD? Might be time for an upgrade. Widescreen monitors are all the rage nowadays, and with good reason: They're great for games, movies, TV, and even productivity (more screen estate means more room for windows, less scrolling, yada yada yada). I recently sprung for a 22-incher and couldn't be happier with it.

It's rare to find an LCD of that size selling for under $200, but has a deal that comes close: The Hanns-G HG-216DPO 22-inch widescreen LCD for $209, shipped. And no rebates!

Hanns-G isn't a household name, but the monitor appears to have all the right stuff: a 5ms response time (crucial for games and movies), 1680x1050 maximum resolution, and... an HDMI port? Yep, the HG-216DPO can double as an HDTV, provided you connect an HD source like a cable box, TiVo, PS3, etc. It even has built-in speakers, though let's not fool ourselves into thinking they're anything but stop-gap audio.

Do keep in mind that if you're planning to use the LCD as a monitor, you'll likely need a DVI-to-HDMI cable. Although it does have a standard analog VGA port, you'll get the best results from a digital connection.