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Expand your kitchen counter

The Catskill Cuisine Cart Deluxe with Back-Splash and Galley offers space-challenged kitchens an option for workspace expansion.

One can never have enough counter space. Chef's Catalog

The kitchen is the one room in the house that benefits most from organization. When you're cooking in high gear, grabbing ingredients and utensils at a fast pace, you find the things you need and move on to the next step. A break in the chain can cause the whole recipe to collapse. To that end, we outfit our kitchens with gadgets and appliances designed to suit our needs. However in order to accomplish anything in the kitchen we must first have the space to work.

The Catskill Cuisine Cart Deluxe with Back-Splash and Galley is a perfect example of how easy kitchen customization can be. Offering counter space that doubles as a work area, the cart with locking casters can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. The inclusion of a backsplash creates a perfect portable counter that can be nudged up against the wall; no food scraps or other detritus can easily fall behind the counter into hard-to-reach areas. A drop leaf offers even more flexibility by opening up to an additional 10-inches of workspace.

We expect our kitchens to offer us the versatility and permanency we require in everyday life. After all, the kitchen is the one area where appliances get put through their paces multiple times per day. The combination of a rugged 1.75-inch thick solid hardwood butcher block top, warp-resistant sides, and nickel-plated hardware suggest that this cart will find a long-lasting place in your kitchen.