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Expand your grilling menu

Appetizer Grill Rack supports a variety of stuffed grill-ready foods.

Safer than MacGyver. Williams-Sonoma

It's amazing the difference a little piece of metal can make. Having the right tool for the job is always important, but sometimes there is no right tool for the job. Rather than MacGyver something up (which most likely will explode) with materials that are less than desirable, take a step closer and keep some handy tools by your side.

The Appetizer Grill Rack may not have a clear and defined purpose, but that's what makes it stand out among other culinary gadgets and appliances. Consider it a do-all tool. After all, when the grill is hot and fire is raging is probably when many of us get (not-always-so-bright) ideas about things to put on the grill. Ever wanted to hollow out a lemon, fill it with a crab mixture and set it upright on the grill? (Hmm...) Now you can find out if it works. Now you can stuff and fill most any small ingredient and pop it on the grill.

The grill rack does have some suggested uses, which are time-honored grill classics. With the grill rack, however, you can make grilled stuffed tomatoes, peppers, or mushrooms with ease. Versatility is the key to this accessory. Measuring 16-inches by 11-inches, and standing one inch high, the 18-well rack could be your secret weapon for unplanned grilling experiments this year.