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Exodus to use CacheFlow servers for speed

The Internet hosting firm signs a deal to use the servers to offer service at higher speeds, the companies will announce Monday.

Internet hosting company Exodus Communications has signed a deal to use CacheFlow servers to offer service at higher speeds, the companies will announce Monday.

CacheFlow makes special-purpose servers that speed up Internet data transfer by "caching" frequently used information closer to the computer downloading the information. For example, a company based in California might cache its Web site on a caching server in New York to speed up access for Internet browsers on the East Coast.

Caching servers also relieve the traffic burden on the servers that host the original content, providing a relatively inexpensive way to increase the number of visitors a Web site can support. This is the benefit Exodus customers will see, because the CacheFlow servers can keep frequently requested information, such as the graphics for a company's home page, directly in memory.

CacheFlow servers will be used in Exodus' data centers near an Exodus customer's original server. The service, called Web Server Acceleration, will be available within 72 hours of a customer's order.

CacheFlow also has a deal with Akamai, which puts its own Internet access-speeding software on the CacheFlow servers.