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EXOdesk spreads its 36-inch touch-screen wings

The EXOdesk put on a show at ViewSonic's CES booth. The 36-inch touch screen plays nice with multiple operating systems and should cost around $1,300.

EXODesk demo at CES
That's a whole lotta touch screen for $1,300. Amanda Kooser/CNET

LAS VEGAS--The sneak preview video for the EXOdesk had lots of people drooling over the big touch-screen interface that's reminiscent of the Microsoft Surface, minus the honking big price tag.

The EXOdesk from EXOPC is now making a cameo appearance at ViewSonic's booth at CES. The 36-inch demonstration device begs you to run your hands all over it, so I did.

The screen is set up at an angle right in front of a standard desktop monitor. You can access apps and desktop shortcuts, check the weather, pop open a virtual keyboard, and write directly on the screen.

The UI is operating system-agnostic, so you will be able to run the EXOdesk with Mac, PC, or pretty much any other OS your heart desires. The demo EXOdesk at CES was hooked up with Windows 7.

All that screen space goes to good use when you open multiple apps, run a feed of social-media alerts along one side, and have an on-screen keyboard that looks like an old typewriter. My preliminary impression is that it will be a very flexible computing platform.

The EXOdesk should be a good fit for all those people who have embraced tablets and other touch-screen devices. It's a natural evolution to blow the concept up to giant size and park it with your desktop.

The EXOdesk is due out in September of this year for around $1,300. Though it's appearing with ViewSonic at CES, the hardware manufacturer has not yet been settled.

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