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EXOdesk: Like Microsoft Surface, but lots cheaper

Teaser vid of EXOdesk shows a 40-inch touch screen that sits in front of your desktop monitor. It looks to be a riff on EXOPC's touch user interface for Windows 7 devices.

It's a desk. It's a slate. It's an EXOdesk. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

The next-generation Microsoft Surface is now available for preorder. If the $8,400 price tag is a little much to spend for your personal use, you might want to wait for the EXOdesk to appear next year.

The EXOdesk is 40 inches of interactivity designed to sit right in front of your regular computer monitor. It's an extension of the touch-screen user interface work done by EXOPC for slate-style devices running Windows 7.

EXOPC already offers a selection of touch apps optimized for its devices through the EXOstore. The EXOdesk appears to be a much larger interface for using those apps.

The below teaser video ahead of an appearance at CES next year shows the EXOdesk in action. A user opens apps, moves them around, and turns all 40 inches into a virtual piano for the finale.

The sneak peek demo is intriguing, but the real hook is the $1,299 price tag that's expected to accompany the device when it arrives in 2012. That puts it in the consumer ballpark rather than in Surface's business market.

The EXOdesk takes a step in the direction of making desktop computing more interactive and entertaining. At least we're getting a little closer to the "Minority Report" interface that we all secretly desire.