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Exercise like it's 1984

Adidas "Micropacers" were ahead of their time with built-in fitness technologies.


The original Adidas "Micropacer" was a bit ahead of its time when it came out in 1984. Back then, few could have predicted that running shoes would eventually be home to GPS devices, iPod transmitters, and their own MP3 players as they are in 2008.

But today the 24-year-old line can hold its own as the fitness/apparel/technology trend shows little sign of abatement. The Micropacers have a device built into a special tongue that includes a pedometer, range finder, and stop watch, Uncrate says.

Pictured here is the "Venice Carnival Edition" from the line's "Flavors of the World" collection, which may explain the white mask on the left and the bird silhouettes on the back and side. But we have no idea why they bothered with such subtleties when all you'll see is the giant white pouch on top. Speaking of subtle, whatever you do, please don't pull out those short shorts from high school.