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Exercise like an Avenger with this Black Widow workout video

Lunge, shadowbox and strike a superhero pose with help from a Black Widow stunt double and a fitness trainer.

The threat of a villain taking control of our city is the only thing that will get some of us training like a superhero at the gym. So why not let an exercise routine fit for an Avenger get you in gear?

This new workout video stars Heidi Moneymaker, the movie stunt double for Black Widow, as well as fitness trainer Lisa Newman and "Star Wars Rebels" actress Ashley Eckstein, also founder of the Her Universe clothing line.

Learn an entire fight sequence while getting in shape. Or just watch the video for pointers on how to properly shadowbox and how to kick an invisible opponent. You can burn calories while giving your muscles a Marvel makeover. Of course, before you start any new exercise program, be sure to consult a physician. No, asking Doctor Strange for advice doesn't count.