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Exercise at your stand-up desk with the Seated Desk Cycle for just $99

Cheapskate exclusive! VersaDesk's new exercise seat normally sells for $162. Plus: A sweet sound bar deal.


Desk cycles are nothing new, though usually they come in the form of a traditional bike with a laptop stand or a little under-the-desk pedal set.

Ah, but what if you want to cycle while standing? That's not even possible, is it? Sort of, thanks to VersaDesk's new Seated Desk Cycle. Never mind the name: You can use it at a standing desk, raising or lowering the height as needed.

It normally sells for $162, but it's currently on sale for $124. However, for a limited time, Cheapskate readers can get the Seated Desk Cycle for $99.15 shipped with promo code CNET20CS. Update: That code will take the same 20 percent off sitewide. 

This is a pretty basic exercise cycle, one with a manual tension control and rudimentary digital display. It's not meant for Peloton-style workouts, of course, but rather for simple heart-rate elevation while working.

Indeed, it's like the spiritual cousin of a treadmill desk -- and cheaper than most desk-based exercise options. The aforementioned under-desk pedal things actually cost even more than this, even though they're just pedals. And they can't be used at a standing desk.

I'm not positive I'd find this comfortable to use all day (owing to the smallish seat and backrest), and I can see it being something of a hassle if you like to alternate between sitting and standing. It's kind of big thing to move around.

Still, no one said staying healthy would be easy. At least here it doesn't have to be expensive.

Your thoughts?

Vizio's 3.1-channel sound bar: $128

Everyone knows that the path to TV goodness starts with a sound bar -- ideally one that has a wireless subwoofer. The bar itself provides two sound channels, the 'woofer a third, and that gives you a 2.1-channel system.

So what's behind this? A 3.1-channel system adds a center channel to the mix, which is where dialog comes from -- meaning you'll actually be able to hear what people are saying without having to crank the volume to an uncomfortable level.


Sound good to you? For a limited time, Walmart has the Vizio SmartCast SB3831-D 38-inch 3.1-channel sound system for $128 shipped. It's normally $198, and before that it sold for $270.

CNET hasn't reviewed this exact model, but many Vizio sound bars rank among editors' favorites. Meanwhile, the SB3831-D has favorable user ratings just about everywhere.

One interesting perk: It has built-in Google Cast, which apparently is just like a Chromecast. Read more about it on Vizio's SmartCast page.

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