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Executives line pockets

As the annual proxy season begins, investors will learn how much salary and stock execs received last year, which is sure to raise some controversy.

As the annual proxy season has gotten under way this month, investors are learning how much salary and stock executives receive. Other "corporate insiders" and venture capitalists are cashing in as well. As always, regardless of merit, the numbers are sure to raise some controversy.

AFL-CIO tracking executive pay
The AFL-CIO next month plans to begin updating a Web site dedicated to what it calls the "runaway pay" of America's chief executives.

Ex-Iomega CEO weighs stock options
Kim Edwards, who resigned, may get a hefty exit bonus: millions of extra shares of company stock.

KPCB partners sell @Home shares
Three partners with Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers plan to sell 135,000 shares in @Home, which is funded by the venture capital firm.

Reviving Bay pays off for House
CEO David House takes home $1.3 million in salary and bonus for the past fiscal year and has $2 million in stock options.

Jobs gets options, not salary
Apple Computer's interim CEO is granted 30,000 shares of company stock and draws no salary.

Gates, Allen eye $1 billion stock sale
Bill Gates and Paul Allen are looking to raise a little pocket change, filing to sell nearly $1 billion in Microsoft shares.

Are execs bailing on Netscape?
The company's stock may be trading near its 52-week low, but its top executives are filing to sell nearly 1 million shares.