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Executive moves: Matt Quinlan joins Loopfuse

Loopfuse has nabbed JBoss veternal Matt Quinlan to run sales and marketing for the open-source marketing automation vendor.

For a variety of reasons, Matt Quinlan, formerly of JBoss, left Appcelerator some months ago. I was glad to hear this week that "Quin," as he's called, has landed at Loopfuse, an open-source marketing automation company. Quin is one of the brightest lights from JBoss, and will be a credit to Loopfuse as its vice president of Sales and Marketing.

It's a great coup for Loopfuse and, more importantly, a return to the open-source industry by a highly respected JBoss veteran. Welcome back, Quin.

Disclosure: I am an advisor to Loopfuse.