Executive moves: Laura Merling heads to Mashery

Mashery makes it easy to get the most from web services. With Laura Merling, Mashery just became even easier to work with.

Tech Culture

Laura Merling, former head of SDForum and vice president of Business Development at Krugle, today joins Mashery as its vice president of Sales and Marketing. Mashery makes it easy to deploy web services (as Reuters recently discovered with its Calais service, which used Mashery).

I've known Laura for six years. She was the one who made SDForum relevant in open source. She was the one who brought Krugle to my attention. I'm certain she'll continue to do what she does best at Mashery: raise awareness, build connections, and put lots more miles on her car. (Buy, Laura, don't lease. :-).

Good luck to you, Laura. Please stay in touch as I'd love to hear what you're up to at Mashery.

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