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Executive moves: Acquia, Alfresco, Groundwork, and Black Duck get new leadership

Open-source companies have been hiring tier-one talent out of the proprietary world.

While the technology industry has been laying off large numbers of employees, the open-source software industry has been hiring, at least at the executive level.

In the past week, Acquia, Alfresco, Groundwork, and Black Duck have all added executive leadership:

  • Acquia - Company founder Dries Buytaert announced Tom Erickson as Acquia's new CEO, replacing Jay Batson in that role. Batson will remain with the company in an as-yet undefined role. Erickson brings to Acquia a wealth of experience, including as CEO of Systinet, which he successfully sold to Mercury Interactive in 2006. Erickson is a great addition to the Acquia team.
  • GroundWork - Peter Jackson (no, not that Peter Jackson) has taken the helm at open-source IT management company GroundWork. Jackson joins GroundWork from Intraware, where he had served as CEO, and prior to that was CEO of Dataflex and Granite Systems. Jackson took Intraware public and, all going well, will hope to repeat that feat at GroundWork.
  • Alfresco - Bill Robinson, former senior vice president of sales at Witness Systems and vice president of North American sales at Business Objects before that, has joined Alfresco as vice president of the Americas. This one strikes close to home (I was running the Americas for Alfresco up until Friday), and makes me very, very happy, as I will get to focus on our top strategic partners and other key initiatives, and makes my quarter-ends much more pleasant. Just last quarter US sales recorded serious double-digit growth in the midst of a brutal economy, but the numbers are getting large enough that having Robinson helm Alfresco's primary sales geography makes a great deal of sense.
  • Black Duck - While not an open-source company, Black Duck's fate is inextricably tied up in open source, and putting Red Hat's former senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Tim Yeaton, in as its new CEO is a major coup. I talked with Yeaton about the role and think he's perfect to help Black Duck recast its message so that it's not mistaken for an open-source FUD vendor.

There are some other executive appointments, but they're not yet public so I'll defer from pre-announcing them here. There are also others - like Greg Schott's appointment as CEO of MuleSource - that have already been covered on this blog.

It's good to see how dynamic open-source business remains, and that the open-source world is attracting the best and brightest of the proprietary software world.

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