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Execs find life after Novell

Two executives who have left Novell have found new homes in the high-tech industry.

Two executives who have left Novell have found new homes in the high-tech industry today.

Former Novell (NOVL) chief executive Robert Frankenberg will join Santa Clara, California-based Internet appliance start-up Encanto Networks as president and CEO, according to the company.

In addition, Dell Computer (DELL) announced that resigning Novell executive Joseph Marengi will join the computer maker next month as senior vice president of its relationship group.

Frankenberg was ousted from Novell in August 1996 after two years at the helm. The longtime Hewlett-Packard executive was hired by the Provo, Utah-based networking software firm to refocus the company on its core strengths.

Frankenberg's first forays back into the computing business took place this winter when he joined the boards of Caere and Secure Computing.

Marengi, who has most recently been president and chief operating officer at Novell, resigned last week. He will remain on board until June 30 to help with the company's reorganization. At Dell, he will be responsible for the Dell Americas units, serving enterprise, large corporate, and medium-sized business customers.

"This is all about customers," Marengi said. "I look to lead them to the No. 1 position in the segment that I?ll be leading."

Marengi said he and his Novell team established a successful licensing program five years ago that dealt directly with enterprise customers. Revenue from that business line accounts for 35 percent of Novell?s business.

He noted he was also responsible for establishing a consulting program for end-user accounts with Novell?s enterprise customers.

Marengi will begin his role at Dell during the first week of July.

Novell's chairman and chief executive, Eric Schmidt, will temporarily assume Marengi's duties.

Encanto Networks is creating simple Java-based Internet appliances that will allow individuals and small businesses to have a low-cost presence on the Internet. In conjunction with hiring Frankenberg, the company announced alliances with Sun Microsystems, HP, and Advanced Network Solutions to aid in the development of the product.

Frankenberg is widely credited with jettisoning several superfluous businesses at Novell, but observers say he fell short in the product delivery area. The company gained an unenviable reputation for delays during his tenure.

Much of Encanto Networks' technology originated at Flat Connections, a predecessor to the Encanto venture.

For its part, Dell is clearly seeking to build its corporate integration and services unit. It also announced that Bill Waas, a senior vice president of life-cycle services at Vanstar (VST), will be joining the company as well.

Vanstar is a billion-dollar services organization that specializes in creating and maintaining computer networks for multinational corporations.