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Exec stock on track in AOL-Netscape deal

Netscape executives can expect their vesting schedules to remain intact after the megamerger.

Some things never change.

As Netscape Communications and America Online look to close their megamerger this spring, Netscape executives like CEO Jim Barksdale can expect their vesting schedules to remain on track.

Barksdale and certain other Netscape executives have employment agreements that entitle them to continue vesting their stock options and restricted stock after the merger, according to the company's annual report filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This group collectively has more than 800,000 options that have yet to vest.

Also eligible to exercise options after the merger will be Netscape directors John Doerr, a partner with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; William Campbell, Intuit chairman; and Eric Benhamou, 3Com chief executive. These outside directors have 98,000 options that will vest.