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Exchange ActiveSync to arrive on Hotmail on Monday

The promised syncing technology will give users of Microsoft's Web mail service push e-mail on cell phones and other devices beginning Monday.

REDMOND, Wash.--One of the features promised as part of the latest update to Hotmail will arrive next week, CNET has learned.

In an interview here on Thursday, Microsoft's Dharmesh Mehta told CNET that Exchange ActiveSync, which will let Hotmail users get push e-mail on cell phones and other devices, will become available on Monday.

While many phones support ActiveSync for connecting to an Exchange server, the feature will be most useful on a relatively small number of phones that support dual ActiveSync accounts, including the Palm Pre, the latest iPhone, and the forthcoming Windows Phone 7-based devices. Phone users who don't connect to an Exchange Server but have a device with ActiveSync support will also be able to use the new Hotmail feature.

Hotmail customers have long been looking for IMAP or other enhanced syncing capabilities. Mehta said that ActiveSync offers a more robust option and, when combined with POP access, should give most Hotmail users the syncing capabilities they are looking for.