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Ex-Verizon worker pleads guilty to selling private data

From phone records to location data, a former Verizon employee used the company's computers to sell protected information.

Josh Miller/CNET

Federal authorities have charged an ex-Verizon employee with selling phone records. Daniel Eugene Traeger pleaded guilty to a felony count of unauthorized access to a private computer. From 2009 to 2014, Traeger sold call records and location data to an unnamed private investigator.

Over the course of that period, Traeger was paid more than $10,000 according to court records. He now faces up to five years in prison though prosecutors are recommending a lesser sentence since he plead guilty as part of a plea deal.

Traeger was based in Birmingham, but authorities haven't specified whether the information sold just involved customers in Alabama.

"It appears that fewer than 500 customers' information may have been accessed in 2014," a Verizon representative said in an emailed statement. "We worked with the FBI on this matter, and they caught the criminal."