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Ex-RIAA chief opens antipiracy consultancy

Former record industry trade group leaders, including ex-RIAA CEO Hilary Rosen, join forces for a new company.

For a few years, at the height of the debates over Napster and file swapping, Hilary Rosen, then-chief of the Recording Industry Association of America, was nearly as well-known online as any rock star.

Now, after two years largely out of the spotlight--aside from a few --Rosen is throwing her hat back into the antipiracy ring, starting a new consulting company with Jay Berman, her onetime counterpart at the globally focused International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

The new firm, called Berman/Rosen Global Strategies, aims to advise technology and entertainment companies on piracy and licensing issues and to help develop legislative strategies, but will not be an active lobbying firm, Rosen said.

"It seems like not as much has changed in the space as we might have thought in two and a half years, while other things have dramatically changed," Rosen said. "I think there are places where we can be of help."

The firm will work with economist Barry Massarsky, who has previously worked with the RIAA and music composers, to help companies and venture capitalists estimate the effect of piracy on media business, she said.