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Evite freshens up

New feature is meant to offer more control over privacy, serve up event-planning functions and help users manage contacts.

Evite, a site that lets people send event invitations via the Net, has created a new feature that combines the site's current address book functionality with personal information found in friends' profiles.

The new Evite Contact Manager contains all the data in a user's address book and gives users control over how information is added. Evite also has increased the privacy options to give users more control over where their profile appears and to provide the ability to share user information on a request-only basis.

The new feature allows users to create groups to manage their friends' information, request updated contact and profile data from friends, and view friends' profiles to get music, drink and location ideas for an event. Evite said it removed the Evite Network as part of the changes.

Last October, Evite redesigned its home page and added local restaurant and club recommendations that people could share with others.