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Everything coming and going on Hulu in August 2018

Plenty of classic (and not-so-classic) movies head to Hulu in the eighth month of the year.

Minding The Gap

Skateboards are almost as funny as salads.


Hulu has a new original documentary called Minding the Gap starting Aug. 17. I thought it was all about the space between trains and platforms, but I was wrong. Instead, it looks into a group of skateboarding friends and how it ties into their adulthood.

Also this month, you can catch Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Be Cool or watch The Rock with Sean Connery on Hulu. Please note that "The Rock" does not appear in The Rock. Seems like a missed opportunity. Anyway, both films arrived on the first of the month.

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If you've been hunting for a red October, you're in the right month, oddly enough. Hulu grabs The Hunt for Red October, not in October, but in August. Seems like a missed opportunity. Speaking of red, Shaun of the Dead also pops up on Hulu this month. Don't get that reference? Well, you should watch Shaun of the Dead then.

Check out the full list below. Anything marked with asterisks requires additional subscriptions beyond Hulu to view. 

Arriving on Hulu, August 2018

Aug. 1

Aug. 2

  • All at Once (2016)
  • America Divided: 201 (Epix Series)
  • The China Hustle (2018)
  • Ismael's Ghost (2018)

Aug. 3

Aug. 4

  • Marshall (2017) (*Showtime)

Aug. 7

  • Dating My Mother (2017)
  • Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much (2017)
  • Wraith (2017)

Aug. 8

Aug. 9

  • America Divided: 202 (Epix Series)
  • Baskin (2016)
  • Desolation (2018)
  • Terminal (2018)

Aug. 10

  • Rosa Diamante, complete series (Telemundo)
  • Tim & Eric Bedtime Stories, complete season 2 (Adult Swim)
  • Borg Vs McEnroe (2018)

Aug. 11

  • Baby Driver (2017) (*Showtime)
  • The Cage Fighter (2013)

Aug. 12

Aug. 13

Aug. 15

Aug. 16

  • 11 Minutes (2016)
  • America Divided: 203 (Epix Series)
  • Marrowbone (2018)
  • Role Models (2008)

Aug. 17

  • Minding the Gap (Hulu Documentary)
  • Perro Amor, complete series (Telemundo)
  • Stan Against Evil, complete season 2 (AMC)

Aug. 21

  • Eva La Trailera, complete series (Telemundo)
  • To The Moon and Back (2016)

Aug. 23

Aug. 24

  • Crime & Punishment (Hulu Documentary)

Aug. 26

Aug. 28

  • Pasion Pohibida, complete series (Telemundo)

Aug. 30

Aug. 31

Leaving Hulu in August:

Aug. 31

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