Everyone's happy with the PizzaDome

PizzaDome lets everybody make his or her own pizza. Six individual openings allow for a perfect pizza party for the kids.

Everybody gets their own pizza. PizzaDome

San Francisco is not well known for its pizza. It's sad, but true. And while there is a smattering of decent pizza available, the options are few and far between. As a result, I did what any rational pizza-starved adult would do: I formed a pizza club.

So far this 'club' consists of just me and a fellow pizza-hungry buddy searching about for delicious area pizza. There's not much to it; basically, we find a promising spot and go eat there. No pictures. No arguing over thick or thin crust, to fold or not to fold; just a good excuse to go eat pizza (as if one is really needed). But I worry that after the dozen or so potential eateries are exhausted, the pizza void will remain and the pizza club will need an excuse to go on.

Enter the PizzaDome.

It's more of a party gimmick or family activity than a gourmand's appliance. Guests are to gather around the dome and construct their ideal pizzas on the included spatulas. Keeping the pizza on the spatula, each is then placed in the oven for about 8 to 10 minutes. The clay dome mimics a brick oven found in real pizzerias, giving what the company calls real "brick oven flavor".

While I doubt that the device is capable of producing the heat necessary for a truly authentic pizza experience, the PizzaDome does have individuality going for it. The ability to create pizzas tailored to specific tastes is the allure of this product. For example, my fellow pizza club member has an odd aversion to spicy things. But with the PizzaDome, everybody can have exactly the pizza they want. More peppers, please!

(Via Appliancist)