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Everyone's an umpire with Vodafone cricket app

Find yourself screaming at the TV during cricket broadcasts? Vodafone's new cricket app lets you play umpire during live broadcasts on Channel Nine.

The Viewers Verdict feature lets cranky cricket lovers voice their opinions. (Credit: Vodafone)

Is summer not summer without the sound of your Dad screaming at the telly over decisions made by the umpires during the season's cricket matches? Are you often reminded of the fact that "he could do a much better job than those jokers!"? It might be time to put his outrageous claims to the test.

Vodafone and Channel Nine have partnered up this summer to bring online voting to the cricket via a new app for iOS and Android. The Cricket Live Australia app includes the usual swag of mobile TV, stats, bios and commentary, but, in a first for Aussie sport, the app also features Vodafone Viewers Verdict. During live broadcasts on Channel Nine, viewers with the app are invited to weigh in on controversial decisions, with the votes collected and displayed live on TV, in a fashion similar to the Worm used during Federal election coverage.

If you can't be in front of the TV, the app features full match streaming, and is available for the first time on tablets. Access to streaming isn't free, however, with customers able to choose a Day Pass for AU$1.99, or a Season Pass for AU$9.49. The app will be available from Thursday 1 December.

The way you'll see live voting during a cricket broadcast. (Credit: Vodafone)