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Internet SaaS can help cash strapped companies in downturn sees growth opportunities for its hosted e-mail archiving services from companies looking to cut costs in an economic downturn.

With the stock market tumbling in what could be a significant downturn, companies will no doubt look for ways to cut costs and save cash.

Outsourcing infrastructure operations could be one way to do that, says Timothy Eades, chief executive of, which provides hosted archiving and synchronization services for small and medium-size businesses. Specifically, paying a monthly subscription for someone else to handle e-mail archiving and other necessary infrastructure operations rather than doing them in-house could be a solution, he argues.

In preparation for the downturn companies will likely restructure their capital expenditures and migrate more to software-as-a-service to cut costs, Eades predicted.

Maybe. And maybe not. One of the first things to go when IT spending gets tight is anything new so it remains to be seen how software services will be impacted. unveiled on Tuesday a suite of services dubbed "one_business," which includes e-mail and file storage, synchronization of calendar and contact list with Microsoft Outlook and mobile devices.

The services come in different packages ranging from $5 to $14 per user per month and include e-mail and phone support.

"We are a (Microsoft) Exchange replacement but you can actually pick up the phone" to get customer support, Eades said.

Google offers its own hosted e-mail archiving and recently announced a 10-year service for $45 per user per year.