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Everybody's doing the Scrolls

Everybody's doing the Scrolls

We're a pretty diverse group over here, and it's rare that so many tech editors agree on one thing. But agree we do about The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the epically huge (or hugely epic, if you prefer) single-player role-playing game that was released for PC and Xbox 360 last week. Besides yours truly, you'll also find Will, Rich, Dave, Dave, and Dave all spending copious amounts of free time playing the game.

I mention this because our cohorts over at sister site GameSpot have put together a great retrospective video for AOL, covering the history of all the Elder Scrolls games. Check it out and discover why so many people who would normally never go near a sword-and-sorcery game (myself included) can't resist these 100-hour-plus experiences.