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Every beverage is better with bubbles

Penguin Soda Siphon makes a carafe full of carbonated soda

Hammacher Schlemmer
One of my favorite things to drink to cool down in summer is a cold soda, but as a person who generally avoids the stuff for health reasons, I often miss out. With this Penguin Soda Siphon, I may not have to anymore.

The soda siphon pumps carbonation into any liquid of your choosing by adding pressure to it. Contrary to the more common one-glass models, it makes an entire carafe of fizzy refreshments for your family, kid's birthday party, or the next time you invite guests over for dinner. The carafe is placed inside the siphon and the external lever is pressed a few times to infuse the water or juice inside with carbonation.

My favorite feature of the soda siphon is the flexibility of the product that comes out of it: you can adjust the amount of fizz you add to fit your tastes, pressing a few times for light fizz and many times for dense bubbles.

The kit comes with two carafes with stoppers, the Siphon, and two CO2 cartridges, both of which can fizz up to 45 carafes of soda and sparkling water. You can buy it on Hammacher Schlemmer's Web site for $249.95.