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Evernote, Moleskine debut techy Smart Notebook

Note-taking service Evernote and Italian paper firm Moleskine introduce a 21st century notebook that aims to make written notes easier to digitally archive.

A reasonable option for someone who just can't put the pen down. Evernote

Keyboards schmeyboards. Whatever happened to writing with stationary? Before we totally descend into a touchy-feely world of screens and buttons, at least the new can co-exist with the old through the Evernote Smart Notebook, made in collaboration with Italian paper company Moleskine.

Why would a couple of companies call a bunch of blank pages smart?

Supposedly, the tiny dotted lines on the "smart" notebook paper allow Evernote app users to take pictures of written pages of text that later become searchable in the app through handwriting recognition technology.

The dotted lines ensure that the app knows the correct orientation of the document, which makes for more accurate scanning. The notebook's debut coincides with an update today for Evernote's iOS app, which adds "Page Camera," a feature that makes document photo shoots easier by enhancing contrast and removing shadows.


Dozens of "smart stickers" also come with the notebook. Pictures of pages that contain a sticker automatically become organized under the related tag in the app. The Evernote smart notebook, now available for preorder, comes in either pocket or large sizes ($24.95 and $29.95, respectively), and includes a three-month subscription to Evernote premium.

Crave tried taking a photo of a regular written document with the Evernote app, but could not get the handwriting recognition to function initially.

An Evernote representative warned us via e-mail that "the app does handwriting recognition, but the app does the processing on the Evernote server side. Thus, it might take some time to work, and you'll have to make sure things are synced."

These are the smart stickers that come with the smart notebook. You can tag almost anything these days. Evernote