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Ever-changing shades will color your world

Change hues at will

Discovery Communications

Crave usually isn't fond of objects that change colors just for the sake of doing so. But there's something about sunglasses that makes a chromatic carousel seem natural.

A pair of shades developed at the University of Washington promises to "change colors on command," though it's limited to various intensities of blue at present. "It uses an organic compound inside the lens, which, once zapped to change, stays that way without any sustaining power," according to Shiny Shiny.

The real fun will begin when researchers add red and green to the mix, which will then allow a veritable rainbow of options. "The wearer spins a tiny dial on the arm to change color or shade," the scientists say. All you'd need is a lava lamp to complete the '60s-style psychedelic experience. But don't spin the colors too fast while looking at something like a mood lamp, or you might end up on a bum voyage.