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Even punk rockers are jumping on the open-source train

Just when you thought open source had permeated the planet....

Just when you thought open source had permeated every market, along comes Punk Rock to show that it still has a ways to go (Rap, Country, Heavy Metal, Pop, etc....). As noted here, Punk has a lot to learn from open source, including:

Borrowing ideas is different than stealing them. Ideas, when put out there, are meant to be borrowed, rewritten, turned on their head, improved upon, and re-injected into the community for further re-use. Punk Planet was a perfect example of taking a pre-existing template and turning it into something new, and something others can grow their ideas from.

Amen. There's actually a list of 10 things that Punk can learn from open source. The right shade of pink for one's mohawk is not among them....

P.S. Here's a piece of trivia for you related to both open source and Punk. Alfresco had to part with a decent sum of money to get the domain. Who owned it? A Scottish Punk band. Rock on.