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Even jump rope is getting techno-fied

Highlights is selling a kids' electronic jump rope that has speakers in the handles.

I really am a young hip mom (references upon request), but I'm still struggling with this souped-up version of a classic childhood accoutrement--the jump rope.

Jam jump rope

Highlights, the authority on all things tech (insert snark here), is selling the battery-operated Electronic Jump Rope Jam, which features speakers in the handles that play rhythmic beats "and guide you in nine routines."

Now my 6-year-old, who has been jumping rope (or is it jump-roping?) through the past couple months of her life, would probably love to show up her playground friends with the "Jam," which only costs $10.98.

But--and here's where I sound like a grandma--why interfere with the pure satisfaction she's already getting from jumping to those silly sing-song rhymes that have withstood the test of time? (Yep, Cinderella is still dressed in yella, kissing snakes.) Maybe I'll just put away this issue of the magazine until after the holidays.

(Photo: Fundex)