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Eve of the storm: RIM BlackBerry Storm reviewed

CNET reviews the first touch-screen BlackBerry, the RIM BlackBerry Storm 9350, and offers buying advice and a hands-on photo gallery.

RIM BlackBerry Storm 9350
RIM BlackBerry Storm 9350 James Martin/CBS Interactive

It's been a little over a month since the RIM BlackBerry Storm was officially announced for Verizon Wireless and ever since then, we've all waited with baited breath for the first touch-screen BlackBerry to arrive. Well, dear friends, the day is nigh.

On November 21, the BlackBerry Storm will be available for mass consumption and with an enticing price of $199.99 (with a two-year contract and after rebates and discounts), the Storm looks to be barreling down the path to success. But is it? Is the SurePress touch screen truly functional or is it too weird? What kind of features does it offer and does it deliver on performance? And of course, because it is a touch-screen phone, how does it compare to the Apple iPhone?

Well, we have your answers. Check out our full review of the RIM BlackBerry Storm, as well as our hands-on photo gallery before heading out to Verizon stores on Friday. Also, be sure to check out CNET News reporter Marguerite Reardon's take on the BlackBerry Storm versus iPhone debate.