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Euthanize your EULA with EULAlyzer

Hate EULAs? Here's help.

I spend a lot of time reading through contracts, that dismal science practiced by underloved attorneys. I therefore found this description of a EULA (end user license agreement) analysis tool interesting. I haven't tried it out (It's Windows only where, I suppose, bad EULA's belong ;-), but EULAyzer sounds intriguing:

To use it, just run the program whenever you're installing a new software, point it at the license agreement, and EULAlyzer will analyze and flag the most questionable sections of the agreement.

The other option is just to recognize that you're signing your firstborn away and get over it. If you're meant to click-through a EULA, it's because the vendor has no plans to negotiate it with you. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.