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Europe tackles US giants in CNET UK podcast 432

The EU has plans for Google and Facebook, Sky has won its scrap with Skype and Tom Hardy has his sights set on a punishing superhero role.

Tom Hardy has been a supervillain in "The Dark Knight Rises", but which Marvel antihero would he like to play? Theo Wargo / Getty Images

It hasn't been a great week for US companies in Europe. Not only has the EU announced an investigation into whether Internet giants are abusing their power, but Microsoft has lost a second legal fight with Sky.

The EU unveiled a new Digital Single Market Strategy this week, which includes initiatives to make it easier for online companies to operate across Europe. The plan tackles copyright, VAT and cross-border delivery, as well as promising to investigate the state of competition in a world currently dominated by American Internet giants. Is this a case of authorities hobbling the free market, or is it about time someone curbed the big players' abuses?

Meanwhile, a separate European court settled a decade-long legal battle, ruling that the name of online communication service Skype is too similar to the name of broadcaster Sky. The court claimed that the similarity could confuse customers, although this doesn't seem to have been the case over the last ten years.

Plus, we find out why one of the architects of the Apple Store wants to send people round to your house, why Apple is whispering to record labels about killing Spotify's free music, and which Marvel antihero Tom Hardy would like to play.

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Europe tackles US giants in CNET UK podcast 432

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