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Europe gets four new Nokia phones

Europe gets four new Nokia phones

Nokia phones for Europe

Nokia announced four new mobile phones today, the Nokia 6300, the Nokia 6290, the Nokia 6086, and the Nokia 2626. But before you get too excited, these phones are only for the European market. With the exception of the Nokia 2626, which is an entry-level candybar handset, these phones are midrange models with the average consumer in mind. The Nokia 6300 is a skinny phone at less than 0.5 inch thick, which is one of the first thin phones for Nokia. The Nokia 6290 is a smart phone with Symbian Series 60 3rd edition, while the Nokia 6086 is a camera phone with quad-band GSM. The Nokia 2626 will sell for 75 euros, while the Nokia 6300, Nokia 6290, and Nokia 6086 will sell for 250, 325, and 200 euros each. All four phones will launch early next year.

(Source: Nokia)