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Eton bows Apple Hi-Fi-like iPod speaker with more features

At CES, Eton was showing an Apple Hi-Fi-like iPod speaker with more features for $250.

Eton's Sound 200 will cost $250.
Eton's Sound 200 will cost $250. David Carnoy

You may not have heard much about Eton, the sole licensee of Grundig for all of North America, but you may have seen some of its portable radio products in a Sharper Image catalog. The company had a well-priced and decent-performing iPod speaker last year, the Eton Sound 50, and at CES it was showing a couple of new products, including the Apple Hi-Fi-like Sound 200, which will come out in March for $250. Along with an iPod dock on top of the speaker, there's also a USB port for playing back tunes from a USB thumbdrive and an SD card slot for playing tunes directly from a memory card.

Radio capabilities and an iPod dock
The Sound 101 has Sirius Satellite Radio capabilities and an iPod dock. Eton

In March or April, the company will also start selling the Sound 101, a $200 single-speaker system that comes with an external, detachable iPod dock and Sirius Satellite Radio support (subscription required).

With its growing selection of attractive desktop radios and iPod dock systems, Eton appears bent on taking on Bose and more realistically, smaller but more established players in the desktop radio market such as Tivoli Audio.