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Ethernet file transfer rate problems

Ethernet file transfer rate problems

David Patton (Senior Technical Consultant for Dessie Informatique) informs me of an Ethernet related problem with Power Mac 7300/180s. Specifically, the symptom is that, when a 7300 attempts to copy something over the network, copying is exceedingly slow (copying from the 7300 by another Mac works fine). The problem occurred with a coaxial cable connection, but not with a 10Base T one. After contacting Apple several times, he was told to remove any "large DIMMs" that he had. David writes: "All of the affected machines had at least two 64 or 32 Meg. third party DIMM's in them. Sure enough removing them fixed the bug. We have tried different speeds of the larger DIMM's in the 7300's, buffered and un-buffered, every DIMM we have in the shop, in fact, and the problem always comes back when they are put in."

Coincidentally, what appears to be a similar problem was reported on the MRP today. This report claims that the 8600 and 9600 are also affected. It suggests two solutions: updating to Mac OS 7.6.1 or getting a third party Ethernet card.