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Et tu, Washington Post?

Stop the Apple rumor insanity!

It strikes the Macalope as slightly wacky that even the Washington Post is in the Apple rumor business these days. And you know it's got to be good when the piece quotes AppleInsider's Kasper Jade and Rob Enderle, the Huggy Bear and Angel Martin of Apple news.

It's fun to get excited about a new gadget, but, alas, there is a potential downside for Apple, said Rob Enderle, principal analyst with Enderle Group in Silicon Valley.

"If it brings out a product that doesn't capture the excitement . . . I wonder if people will be disappointed because it doesn't come up to the levels of what's expected," Enderle said.

Awesome. The man is a genius. A virtuoso of turning the obvious into a quote that sounds like analysis. "'If they release wild dogs and thousands are mauled,' Enderle mused, 'I wonder what people will think then?'"

Also, the Macalope is really curious about what was in that ellipsis. Something awesome, no doubt.