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ESPN Plus to stream MLS Live soccer matches

In an exclusive deal, the upcoming $5 per month sports subscription service will carry major league American kicks.

Icon Sportswire/Getty

Score another goooooaaaaal for live sports online.

ESPN Plus, Disney's upcoming $5 per month streaming service, has nabbed exclusive rights to MLS Live, Major League Soccer's out-of-market streaming package. 

Previously MLS Live cost $80 for the year, so its inclusion in ESPN Plus, which costs $60 per year, represents a major price cut for fans of US soccer. In addition to soccer, ESPN Plus will also offer MLB and NHL games, PGA golf, college basketball and football, and other sports. 

Slated to launch sometime this spring, ESPN Plus will be available nationwide, no cable subscription required. It will be part of a redesigned ESPN app on both iOS and Android, as well as on Apple TV and Google's Chromecast streaming-media device. 

Between the March 3 start of the MLS season and whenever ESPN Plus launches, live games will be streamed for free on