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Escape plan

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Ford unveiled its redesigned 2008 Escape.

Ford Escape Hybrid
Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Ford unveiled its redesigned 2008 Escape, so we no longer have to complain about small LCDs and CD changers mounted under the passenger seat. The new Ford Escape, which comes in straight gasoline and hybrid flavors, gets an exterior redesign that emulates its big brothers in Ford's SUV lineup. The front grille and headlights serve to emphasize the Ford-truck look.

Ford Escape Hybrid interior
Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

But tough doesn't preclude green in Ford's playbook. The 2008 Ford Escape uses 100-percent recycled material for its fabric seats. And if that's not green enough for you, the hybrid version is still an option. We've complained about the previous Ford Escape's cabin electronics, and the new model addresses these issues. First, it gets a bigger LCD screen. The six-CD changer moves from under the passenger seat to an in-dash unit, and an auxiliary jack comes standard. Its console hatch has also been deepened enough to hold a laptop computer, which seems to be a popular feature these days.