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EQ presets are for sissies

Donald Bell rounds up the top MP3 players with great sound enhancement EQ features.

Photo of the Creative Zen X-Fi.
The X-Fi sound enhancement in the Creative Zen X-Fi is so good they named the player after it. CNET Networks

That's right, I said it. You want to know why Steve Jobs doesn't include advanced EQ settings on the iPod? It's because he thinks you're a drooling baby who can't be trusted not to mangle your own music. Considering how few of you care enough to slap a decent pair of earbuds on your MP3 player, he may have the right idea.

Truth is, in this iPod-dominated world, most listeners aren't aware of all the cool sound-enhancement technology being developed for non-iPod MP3 players. For those who yearn to take your music to new heights with custom EQ settings, we've got some MP3 players for you that will rot your ears with their artificial sweetness.

Check out our top five MP3 players with killer EQ settings.