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Epson's new photo scanner for photo hobbyists

Epson releases a new photo scanner, geared for advanced photo hobbyists at a price of $250.

Epson America

Epson today announced its new V500 Photo color scanner. It's geared for advanced photo hobbyists at a price of $250. It uses Epson's ReadyScan LED technology, which cuts out warm-up time entirely and cuts scanning time. The 6400dpi scanner allows users to make enlargements of up to 17x22 inches, from film or prints. The scanner also lets you scan negatives--35mm, slides, and medium format--using the included guides.

The V500 Photo scanner comes with two photo restoration programs--Digital ICE and Epson Easy Photo Fix. The former removes dust and scratches from film, while the latter restores faded photos and negatives. Also included with the scanner is the Epson Creativity Suite, which features Adobe PhotoShop Elements, ABBYY Fine Reader 6 Sprint Plus OCR, and utilities that let you scan to e-mail and to PDF format.