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Epson's 'complete' home theater in a box

The system is designed to simplify installation and minimize clutter.


Except for its lack of Blu-ray, the Epson Ensemble HD Home Cinema System may be the closest thing to a complete packaged solution that covers just about every nut and bolt for big-screen home entertainment. It comprises a full-HD or 720p projector, motorized 100-inch screen, 5.1-channel surround sound system, DVD media player, universal remote controller, and all relevant accessories such as cables and brackets.

The system is designed to simplify installation and minimize clutter, partly by integrating various components. A projection screen comes with a built-in SoundBar for the front audio channels, and there's a rounded projector ceiling bracket that not only houses the beamer but also a pair of surround speakers. The latter, together with the remaining audio subsystem, is developed by American-based Atlantic Technology.

Our main reservation is Epson's somewhat inflated asking price. At $6,999 and $4,999 for full-HD and 720p, respectively, you could easily assemble a mix-and-match equivalent with enough loose change for a handful of movie discs. The systems will be sold primarily in the U.S., though we're awaiting confirmation on availability in Asia.

(Source: Crave Asia)