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Epson scanner goes deep

New lid design accommodates oversize and 3D objects.

Epson Perfection V300
Epson Perfection V300 Epson America

There hasn't been a lot of scanner innovation in the past few years (and "hasn't been a lot" is my way of saying "none" without having to verify it); even prices seem to have stopped dropping. Nevertheless, there's been a mini-surge in demand from the growing scrapbooker crowd after several lull years, so manufacturers continue to tweak the designs and software features.

Bet you thought that was leading up to an announcement of some cool new scanner technology from Epson. Nope. Sorry. Just a new $99 scanner with a nifty lid--though not unique for its purpose--designed for easier scanning of oversize and objects up to slightly less than an inch thick. The Epson Perfection V300 replaces the V200 with the new lid, which can flip completely open to support the nonscanned side of a book, and a solid black chassis instead of the two-tone black and silver. It also incorporates the ReadyScan LED found in other Epson models for fast start-up.