Epson printers and Netscape crashes - a reply from Epson; Epson and FileMaker problems also continue

Epson printers and Netscape crashes - a reply from Epson; Epson and FileMaker problems also continue

Epson and Netscape Reader continue to report problems using Netscape Navigator or Communicator, if Epson printer software (especially the extension called Epson Launcher) is installed. As reported here last January, the primary symptom is that the Netscape browser will crash on launch if using Mac OS 8.x. The problem persists in Netscape's current 4.05 versions, although not all users report it.

Two readers (Rostislav Serota and Mike deWit) recently received the same reply from Epson on this matter. Epson offered a solution that involved trashing and reinstalling the Epson software. They then offered this advice on locating the source of the problem: "...disable AppleTalk, AppleShare, Desktop Print Spooler, Desktop Print Monitor, File Sharing Extensions, all LaserWriters, and Printer Share. From the Preferences folder trash AppleShare Preps, AppleTalk Preferences, and Finder Preferences. Do not Empty the Trash Can. Restart your Mac. Troubleshoot your extensions. Allocate more memory to the Epson monitor. In the Extensions folder, highlight Epson Monitor3, Get Info, and change Preferred Size between 3000k to 5000k. Turn background printing off." It sounds like Epson is asking you to hunt for an extension or preferences file that may be the cause. Shouldn't Epson have already done this themselves? And they make no specific mention of Epson Launcher. Odd.

Epson and FileMaker There also continue to be problems between Epson software and FileMaker Pro (as first noted here last November). FileMaker crashes as a result. Reverting to older versions (3.xx, as opposed to 5.04A for Epson Color 800) of the printer drivers may be a work-around (although the older software appears to be incompatible with G3 Macs). Epson and Apple/FileMaker continue to investigate this matter. (Thanks, Matko Zelich, Neil Howell, Jim Bertram and John Morris.)

Update: Mike McLane claims this problem went away when he upgraded to FileMaker Pro 4.

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